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I have an iPhone not an Android. Do you have app of iOS version?
RIX LAPSE app on iOS is under development and will be released soon.

Do you have a pan tool for timelapse?
We are developing add-on 3-axis tools for timelapse including pan, tilt, as well as zoom and focus which can be controlled by the same remote control.

I do not receive the user manual with the package. Where is it?
Seeing is much easier than reading.
Instructional videos are being released.
Anyway, RIX GEAR slider is easy to use and very intuitive, without a manual.

What is the speed of the motor?
The motor equipped in XE I and XE II sliders are carefully chosen
for general timelapse function.
A slower or a faster one will be available soon.
  What is a LiPo battery - where to buy?
LiPo stands for Lithium Polymer battery.
LiPo is a very good source for power considering its weight, size and price.
It is small and light enough to be contained inside the slider body.
A LiPo for XE slider is 11.1V 2200 mAh 25C to 35C with a dean connector.

LiPo needs special care, though.
Charging a LiPo requires a particular charger and process. HOW >
LiPo is available on eBay by searching "LiPo 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 25C to 35C deans".

Any optional source of power?
Li-ion, AAA alkaline, AC adapter.
All must be 12V or close to.
A socket and adapter cablea are provided for these external sources.

How can I make a payment?
PayPal is our standard channel to receive paymeny.
We contact a buyer through his PayPal login email too.

I do not have a PayPal account, how can I make a payment?
PayPal accepts a credit card from everyone regardless of being its member.

PayPal is the most trusted monetary agent on the Internet.
It is secured and its users are well protected.
PayPal does not charge fee from buyers.
  Can I make payment by direct deposit to your bank account?
Yes, please let us know before making the transfer.
We will provide the amount with some particular cents added
to help us identifiy which transfered amount is yours.
The full amount has to be transfered to our account (for the reason above).
Any bank fee(s) must be paid by the buyer.

Do you accept a credit card directly?
We are applying for a credit card merchant
and expect to be able to receive payment through credit cards soon.
At the moment, PayPal and direct bank deposit are 2 channels to make a payment.

Can the item be sent to a different address, not that registered with PayPal?
To prevent our customer from unauthorized use of their PayPal account,
it is required that the item be sent to the buyer's PayPal address only.
  When will my item be sent?
The item will be sent in 2 working days after the payment is received in our account.
If the product is run out of stock, the buyer will be notified.

How long will it take? Which shipping service?
We send items through a courier service either DHL, FedEx, UPS.
Though we cannot guarantee on couriers' behalf,
stats show that these couriers deliver an item to any destination over the globe in 3-5 days.
Tracking number will be provided.

I have a question about the product. How can I find information?
Feel free to contact us :
  I have a technical question about the product I bought.
An existing buyer are welcome at :

* * * For a prompt response, leave us a message in RIX GEAR fan page * * *